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Andy Rutter project manages every project. You will be assured of direct and clear communication. Andy will guide you through the building/renovation process handling all phases of construction, including design, specification, production, and quality control.

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Andy will evaluate your needs and help you determine the best plan for your home. Regular communication assures your concerns are addressed. This also allows for modifications during the building work giving you more control of the final product. In turn this level of service delivers the house you desire and the home you will be proud to own.

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AJ Rutter General Builders look forward to collaborating with you to create a home that meets your unique style, life and budget.

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Before encountering on your building project carefully select your building contractor. AJ Rutter is a reliable, professional and experienced contractor. Read our client testimonials to prove it!

The Architect will discuss with you your requirements and needs. They will plan/draw the space within the site to all relevant measurements to pass onto the building contractor. This will be your blue print of your proposed build.

Before any building work commences Planning Permission & Building Regulations need to be approved. Sometimes you may need one or the other or even both. They are not the same thing.

You will require Building Regulations approval if you:

• Erect a new build
• Extend or alter existing building
• Install services or fittings in a building for sanitary facilities

You need to apply for Building regulations approval through your local council. AJ Rutter General Builders will do this for you.

You will require Planning Permission approval if you:

• Build something new
• Make major changes to your building i.e.: extension
• Change use of building

You need to apply for Planning Permission approval through your local council. AJ Rutter General Builders will do this for you.

Structural Engineers are specialists in design, construction, repair, conversion and conservation. They are concerned with all aspects of structure and stability.

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Herbert 4
Herbert 5
  • This extension includes a new kitchen and a practical patio.
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Hook 6
  • This project was a fantastic new build set close to town with fabulous views.
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Herbert 2
Teraly 3
Teraly 4
Teraly 5
  • Great extension and facelift for this house.
Ford 1
Ford 2
Ford 3
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Ford 5
  • A beautiful garden room with new kitchen and patio.